CNC Composites always continue to works to push further the understanding of processes and production methods to integrate more and more steps into composites production tooling.

Following the completion of more than one hundred projects, CNC composites has acquired a high level of expertise and know-how in manufacturing complex molds and models for infusion or other production processes
and complex prototypes.

Regularly, partnerships for R&D projects are settle-up. Close contact with production, strict approach, rapid test opportunity and Six Sigma (DFSS) implemented approach are very appreciated from our customers.


CNC Composites has worked in recent years on several composites development projects including:

  • Turbine Housing
  • Oil Slinger and Collector Tray
  • Air Deflector
  • Vertical Wind Turbine
  • Communication Tower
  • Baffle Interpolar
  • Stator Floor
  • Subsea Tidal Turbine Hull
  • Insulated Lift
  • Portable Hyper-bar Enclosure
  • Buckle Head
  • Electric Boat
  • Military Bench
  • Stay Vane Profile Modification
  • Natural Fiber Laminated Composites